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Воздушные шары

Воздушные шары

Доставим цветы всегда во время.

13 balloons for your favorite mom for the anniversary!

В состав водопада входят:Шары с рисунками - 13 шт;Грузик - 1 шт...


15 helium balloons!

Balloon fountain is the most popular and original composition of the celebration design. It harmonio..


2 waterfalls and anniversary balloons!

2 waterfalls in delicate colors and balloons-numbers for the anniversary of a beautiful girl!The com..


2 waterfalls in pink shades.

The composition includes:Foil star - 2 PCs;Confetti balloons - 4 PCs;Single-color balloons - 8 PCs;T..


2 waterfalls of one-color balloons!

The waterfalls include: Single-color balloons-18 PCs;The sinker - 2 PCs...


Лидер продаж!
7 balls with compliments!
7 balls with compliments!

Balls with compliments will be a great addition to Your holiday, serve as a great gift and decorate ..


A fountain of 20 balloons for your birthday!

20 balloons in pink and white! These balls are suitable for your girlfriend, girlfriend or sister!..


A waterfall from balls in pink and silver-black colors.

The waterfall includes:Foil circle - 1 pc;Foil star - 1 pc;Foil heart - 1 pc;Plain balls - 8 pcs;A s..


Arrangement of balloons "Happy Birthday!"

Balls always bring with them positive emotions, good mood, lasting impressions. Multi-colored balloo..


Arrangement of balloons for the girls birthday!

The composition includes:Ball-digit - 1 pc;Balloons "Happy Birthday" - 5 pcs;A small weight - 2 pcs...


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